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Summer news


A big THANK YOU to the many parent volunteers who worked hard to make the lunches and PAC events at the school possible in 2018. The busy lunch schedule helped give a boost to funding for the new playground, as well as supporting PAC sponsored activities such as classroom spending, fun day, dance and tennis.

The PAC website will be continued to be updated over the summer months, with news on the playground progress, school supply ordering information, as well as plans for back to school in September.

We hope you have a happy and safe summer and enjoy making memories with your families. Thanks again for all you do to make our community so vibrant, warm and welcoming.


Work is underway! The new vista seating, marble runs, pathway under the trees, slide, climbers and monkey bars will be installed before school starts in September!

The old wooden playground is out!


The ordering and installation of the Apollo spinner will be on hold until we can confirm our final fundraising total (we are required to have a contingency set aside before we commit to any additional equipment), but we will update this page over the next few weeks, and let you know the plans as soon as they shape up. We may have to revise the plans to purchase a smaller spinner, or alternative equipment… but we will continue to update you as plans unfold.


When you shop at Peppers, please don’t forget to tell the cashier that you want to put your total onto a gift card for Frank Hobbs when paying for your groceries.  You can also pre-purchase gift cards at the till.  5% of your total amount will then go straight to the school…’s that easy!

Peppers Feb 2015

More information on the Peppers partnership can be found here.

Any questions? Please e-mail us at

You can also check the Sponsors page for more information.

5% of your sale will be donated directly to the school. You can pre-pay for cards, or simply ask that all your sale be put on a gift card for Frank Hobbs when paying at the till.

Finn & Izzy

For every pair of regularly priced shoes (retailing at $40 or above), Finn and Izzy on Oak Bay Avenue will donate $5 back to Frank Hobbs.