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Welcome Back to Frank Hobbs!

Welcome to the Frank Hobbs Parent Advisory Council (PAC). Our PAC is an essential part of Frank Hobbs life, acting as the communication channel between school administration and parents; and a way to fundraise for school improvements and programs which make your child’s school experience better. Parent volunteers make up our Executive Board and we’re looking to fill many positions this year.

We do a direct-ask from families to donate $20-$30, which can be accessed through our hot lunch payment site here. Our PAC also hosts several fundraisers through the year, along with year-long rebates from purchases. More info can be found on our website, under the supporter’s page for these no-cost ways to give back to our school.

Our PAC funds many of the extra’s that happen at Frank Hobbs, and without it, many would not be able to run. Science Ventures for K-5, Bike-to-School Weeks, Library Improvements, Outdoor Classroom, Garden Spaces, Playground Upgrades, Dance funding, Music funding, Grade 5 Grad Swag Bags, Tennis, School Counsellor Supplies, Teacher Classroom Funds, and more are provided by our PAC. Thank you for your support of our school, students and fellow parents/guardians!

Details of our PAC news, events and school-related happenings are posted to this website and you can find our Facebook Page under Frank Hobbs Elementary PAC here.

The PAC holds 5-6 meetings through the school year that are approximately 70-75 minutes long. Meetings are still held over zoom, and agendas get posted the week prior, under “About PAC” -> Meetings -> Agendas. Minutes are also posted to this website.

We are currently looking for more parent involvement, and need to fill the role of Communications Coordinator, Class Reps, and executive members at large. *No experience needed for any role!

Your Frank Hobbs PAC Executive



When you shop at Peppers, please don’t forget to tell the cashier that you want to put your total onto a gift card for Frank Hobbs when paying for your groceries.  You can also pre-purchase gift cards at the till.  5% of your total amount will then go straight to the school…’s that easy!

Peppers Feb 2015

More information on the Peppers partnership can be found here.

Any questions? Please e-mail us at


5% of your sale will be donated directly to the school. You can pre-pay for cards, or simply ask that all your sale be put on a gift card for Frank Hobbs when paying at the till.

Finn & Izzy

For every pair of regularly priced shoes (retailing at $40 or above), Finn and Izzy on Oak Bay Avenue will donate $5 back to Frank Hobbs.