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Our new playground …Aviva grant update

A HUGE thank you to everyone who jumped through the hoops to register and vote for the Aviva playground grant submission.

The support was tremendous, with over 1,400 people voting online for the project.

Our unofficial count shows that we came in at 4th for the Community Health category (large projects) and should make it through into the final selection.

The voting was really close right up to the final hour. We’d been in 20th place on Monday, and were creeping up the scoreboard each day. Parents and friends were sending the link to vote to friends in far places like England, Ireland, Hawaii, Texas, California, Dubai…and even Australia.  We had amazing support from Arbutus Middle School, the Arbutus Childrens’ Centre, Peppers, Madison&Muse and other local businesses in Cadboro Bay village, the Queen Alexandra Hospital, Torquay, Marigold PAC and Saanich News….to name just a few of the many that helped along the way.

People were even writing articles for us to distribute on LinkedIn as well ….there was a lot of creativity going on this week.  All these extra efforts really made a difference, with all of our friends and family (from all around the world) working together. The name “Together in Harmony” was very reflective of all these behind-the-scenes efforts. It’s been a tense and exciting time at Frank Hobbs. We had a rush of last-minute votes coming in at the final hour, and made it into the finals with less than 40 minutes before the deadline. It was really close – every vote really did count!

The result is of course unofficial until Aviva contact us again on November 1st, but our chances are looking great.

So, next is looking like it’s off to the finals! We’ve a really strong submission, a detailed plan and lots of community engagement…that’s all we can do for now.

More to follow when we have an update. Way to go Frank Hobbs supporters!


Swim Club Update

Grades 3, 4 and 5 can register for Thursday’s Swim Club through the HOT LUNCH online system.  Click on the HOT LUNCH button or go to


A reminder for those who want them, to log on and order your PAC lunches for this school year.

***Payments must be done two weeks before a lunch day to allow the final delivery order to be placed with the supplier, and ensure your child’s lunch order gets to their classroom at the correct time!***

Please don’t rely on there being any left-overs to buy on the day! PAC lunches are ordered off the online system and PAC volunteers are not responsible for children who haven’t placed orders and have not brought a lunch….Reminders will be sent automatically to the email address you provide.

Follow the link below to order lunches and snacks for this school year.

First, click on ‘Click here to register’  (under login on the top RHS) to set up a new account for this school year.


(Previous students – you will NOT be able to log in with last year’s information, as we need new information for your new classrooms/ teachers).

After you have set up your email/ contact information, you will be taken to the online home page. You then click on the bottom BLACK button titled ‘students’ to set up an account for any of your Frank Hobbs students who wish to order PAC lunches this year.

Don’t forget to click on the YES box if you want your child to have FREE fruit and veggies this year!

Click on the ORDER box for placing your lunch orders (and for swim club where applicable).

PLEASE KEEP SHOPPING AT PEPPERS and help save for a new playground

When you shop at Peppers, please don’t forget to tell the cashier that you want to put your total onto a gift card for Frank Hobbs when paying for your groceries.  You can also pre-purchase gift cards at the till.  5% of your total amount will then go straight to the school…’s that easy!

Peppers Feb 2015

More information on the Peppers partnership can be found here.

Any questions? Please e-mail us at

You can also check the Sponsors page for more information.

5% of your sale will be donated directly to the school. You can pre-pay for cards, or simply ask that all your sale be put on a gift card for Frank Hobbs when paying at the till.

Finn & Izzy

For every pair of regularly priced shoes (retailing at $40 or above), Finn and Izzy on Oak Bay Avenue will donate $5 back to Frank Hobbs.