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Spring Fundraising Ask

Our annual spring fundraising request this year is focused on an additional piece of equipment for our new playground.

Please consider making a donation so that we can purchase an amazing Apollo Spinner!


The spinner retails at $27,000, but if we raise an extra $5,000, we can combine this with existing funds and afford this amazing piece of play equipment…the icing on the cake.  As of May 10, 2018, we have raised just over $1,000 in parent donations – a big
THANK YOU to everyone who has donated. We’ve had donations ranging from $2 to over $100….every dollar counts!

Donations can be sent to the main office, right through to the end of May. Please make cheques payable to ‘Frank Hobbs PAC’. If your donation is for over $25 and you would like a tax receipt, please make your cheque out to ‘Frank Hobbs Elementary School’. 

Thank you for supporting our amazing playground. September is shaping up to be most spectacular!


Wednesday, May 16th

This year’s theme is Summer Picnic.

Tricia Schaddelee will be bringing her BBQ along to cook up some tasty treats.

Please consider donating burger buns, veggie or meat burgers or soft drinks


Sign up by emailing us at and letting us know what you are able to bring. Items can be dropped off at the school in the morning of May 16th.


We will update the home page of this website with a summary of what people are contributing (initials only; no personal information will be displayed), so that you can see what others are bringing, and where the ‘gaps’ are…

Item                                                      Parent Initials                   Div/ Class


** 40 burgers STILL NEEDED **

** 20 veggie burgers STILL NEEDED **

** 40 burger buns/ bread rolls STILL NEEDED**

Greek salad                                           ER and TD                                  Div 13

Pasta Salad                                            ID

Veggie Tray and Drinks                     NA

Veggies and a dessert                         LD                                                  Div 9

Quinoa/ mango salad                         MB                                                 Div 9

Quinoa salad                                        JP                                                   Div 4

Mediterranean Orzo Salad                AK                                                 Div 4

Salad                                                     MH                                                Div 11

Burger buns                                          ZL                                                 Div 8


Chocolate Chip Cookies                     BW

Chocolate Chip Cookies                     BP                                          Div 1

Flourless Chocolate Cake                  VP

Cake/Cupcakes                                    DL

Rhubarb Squares                               PC

Coconut Squares                                ND                                          Div 7 & 9

Cake                                                     A

Fruit salad                                          TL                                             Grew/ K

Two bite brownies                           EM                                            Div 7

Dessert                                                SM                                             Ms Cox


San Pellegrino x 12                             BW

40-50 Soft drinks STILL NEEDED

Thank you for helping this year’s teacher meal one to remember!

A big THANK YOU to Coast Capital for their donation of $5,000 for the playground – this has gone into our playground account, and will be used for the other Blue Imp equipment (slide, bars, rocks etc.) – which has now been ordered and will be installed THIS SUMMER!

Coast Capital May 2018


When you shop at Peppers, please don’t forget to tell the cashier that you want to put your total onto a gift card for Frank Hobbs when paying for your groceries.  You can also pre-purchase gift cards at the till.  5% of your total amount will then go straight to the school…’s that easy!

Peppers Feb 2015

More information on the Peppers partnership can be found here.

Any questions? Please e-mail us at

You can also check the Sponsors page for more information.

5% of your sale will be donated directly to the school. You can pre-pay for cards, or simply ask that all your sale be put on a gift card for Frank Hobbs when paying at the till.

Finn & Izzy

For every pair of regularly priced shoes (retailing at $40 or above), Finn and Izzy on Oak Bay Avenue will donate $5 back to Frank Hobbs.