Parents of Frank Hobbs Elementary

Your school, your community.


Volunteer parent coordinators for 2018/19

Fundraising Coordinator    VACANT

Lunch coordinator                                      Jess Lake

Booster Juice                                                 Tammy Doyle

Fruit and Veg Program                              Regan Copeland

Garden Time                                               VACANT

School Supplies

School Clothing                                             Tammy Doyle

Mailbox Monitor                                          Megan Roberts

Staff Appreciation Lunch                         Tricia Schaddelee

WinterFest                                            Kellie Horler

Lunches Online system                             Greg Goforth

Popcorn coordinator                                 Elizabeth Yap Chung


Notice(Here’s last year’s parent volunteers and executive with their Frank Hobbers!)

Photo page to be updated soon….