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Frank Hobbs PAC meeting Minutes
May 29 6pm
Frank Hobbs Learning Commons (Library)

Attendees: Sandra Waterman, Allison Muzyka, Regan Copeland, Kristin Bowles, Ingrid Fawcett, Jennifer Cox, Natalie McIlmoyle, Suzanne Macdonald, Jessica Fry

  1. Welcome/Call to Order  (AM) – do not have voting quorum of 7 parents
  2. Approval of Agenda and Minutes from April 24 2019 (AM)– no alterations
  3. Chair Annual Report (Sandra Waterman)
  • Highlights included:
    • Opened new playground (spinner to be installed this summer)
    • Welcome back BBQ exceeded expectations
    • Winterfest
    • Movie nights
    • Garden time a big hit with kids
    • New hot lunch program well-received – healthy and low waste
    • Parent education nights in conjunction with other schools
    • Budget surplus used to purchase K/1 playground equipment and increase classroom funds from $100 to $400 per class
    • Teacher appreciation lunch
    • Thank you to our many volunteers

   4. Treasurer’s Report and Presentation of Draft Budget (Regan Copeland)

  • Direct fundraising ask ($45/student) raised less money than anticipated despite receiving one large donation (raised $5170, forecasted $6750)
  • Peppers currently at $1207 – potential for much more, need to spread the word
  • Science Fair budget ($500) not used – 2 classes participated and paid their own registration fees, will use funds next year (Suzanne Macdonald)
  • Currently carrying leftover funds of $7100 into 2019/2020
  • 2019/2020 Draft Budget highlights:
    • omitted Hot Lunch program from budget until coordinator identified
    • added revenue for Winterfest ($700) and 3 movie nights ($600) which were not included in 2018/2019 budget
    • gaming grant at $20 x 305 students ($6100), could go up to $24/student
    • Story Studio funds for Library of $750
    • Salmonids $1030
    • Sensory room re-design $500 (Jen Rudolph to submit proposal)
    • Cross country bus $250
    • Discuss bussing for field trips: ~$250/trip.  Set amount in budget and divide by 15 divisions; or ask teachers to submit proposals by end of September (TBD).  Classes encouraged to use public transit where feasible. Bussing and swim or skate Oak Bay Rec cost ~ $8-10/student and was paid for by families
    • Ingrid requested TOC funds for events where some kids stay in class and others go. Safety issue to monitor children. ~$400/day.  2 half-day TOC for XCountry and 2 full-day TOC for track. Also Dance. Teachers prefer funds used for TOC over bussing. PAC agrees to use leftover funds for this, will add to budget

5. Presentation of New Proposals  (Natalie McIlmoyle)

  • Library used to advance learning and meet school goals through the use of storytelling (Story Studios) – reaches and benefits every student
  • Learning through play – oral, visual, written, making (ADST)
  • Goal is to support and enhance classroom interaction
  • Visited school in Delta that has set up a Reggio-based story studio called “What Stories Live By the Sea”? using materials such as felting, toy animals, beads, shells
  • Natalie worked over weekend to incorporate a similar Story Studio into Frank Hobbs Library – very neat, kids enjoying
  • Opal School Story Studio Workshop in Victoria– requesting funds of $275 to attend
    • PAC approved $250 for registration fee
    • Opal School (Oregon) offers play/inquiry-based training in other subjects
  • Requesting funds of $750 for non-consumable materials to create stories
  • Also requesting funds for iPads : have 30 mostly used by primary grades.  Goal of having 1/classroom. Older kids can use to take pictures of their work for Fresh Grade as well as for classroom projects/creating videos.
    • Will be contingent on revenue from hot lunch program and will need a vote

6. Election of PAC Executive Positions for 2019-2020 (AM)

  • Cannot elect positions today because do not have quorum
  • Current nominations/expression of Interest for Executive:
    • Chair: Allison Muzyka? Sandra stepping down
    • Vice-Chair:
    • Vice Chair meetings/secretary: Kristin Bowles
    • Treasurer: Regan Copeland
    • DPAC Rep: Becky Powsey (or Sandra Waterman)
  • Sandra distributed Volunteer Opportunities form to students
  • Current interest for Coordinator positions:
    • Interested parties for: newsletter, swim club, Fruit and Veggie, Classroom partner Coordinator, Website, popcorn, spirit wear, Winterfest, Safe Routes to School (Jessica Fry), Parent Education (Sandra Waterman), Facebook page (Sandra Waterman)
    • Need Hot Lunch Coordinator

7. Presentation – Ms. Macdonald

  • Thank you to PAC for generous support of $400 classroom funds, and to parents for their support.  This supports programming and sets climate of support for teachers
  • Each teacher teaches 8 subjects – need to bring in experts/guest speakers and field trips to accomplish this
  • Suzanne listed a huge number of enrichment programs she was able to run with support from PAC and classroom parents: Astronomy, CRD water shed and forest management, Public works yard, 2 skating, 2 swimming, science fair, First Nations, 8 Science Venture sessions, School of Rock, Coding and other tech, Composting Society, 4 American Sign Language sessions, Book Binding, short stories with UVic writing professor, effects of screen time on developing brain with Steven Ross, Cardiologist, Physical Literacy with Scouts, art programs, rain sticks, button blankets, marble paper, soapstone carving.  Check out their scary story books, and also books donated by Jessica Milne in the library. Kids made thank you posters for each enrichment activity that are used by those organizations to get funding.

8. Principal/Vice-Principal Updates (Jennifer Cox)

  • May 17 Pro-D day: New Curriculum Day.  Parent gift funded a book study “Speaking Our Truth”.  Check bulletin board for info. Discussed how to make a place for First Nations learning in the classroom
  • 2019/2020 currently funded for 15 divisions.  Temporary teacher position now permanent and will be filled by Catherine Tevaarwerk.  Renee Rivera will be new Learning Support Teacher, comes to us from Craigflower with diverse background

No Future 2018/2019 meeting date

Meeting adjourned at 7:40 pm



Frank Hobbs PAC meeting Minutes
April 24 6pm
Frank Hobbs Learning Commons (Library)

Attendees: Sandra Waterman, Allison Muzyka, Regan Copeland, Kristin Bowles, Ingrid Fawcett, Jennifer Cox, Eric Ochs, Lisa Little, Kate Berniaz

  1. Welcome/Call to Order  (AM) – do not have voting quorum of 7
  2. Approval of Agenda (AM)– no alterations
  3. Approval of minutes from last meeting January 30 2019 (AM) – Date was incorrect for Feb 27 meeting minutes (read Jan 30)
  4. Active and Safe Routes to School Update and Action Plans (Kate Berniaz)
  • Kate provided update, presented draft action plan and draft best routes map, and discussed bike repair event
  • Survey results: 30% response rate (85 families)
    • 42% walk, 39% car, 16% bike, 2% transit, 1% carpool
    • Reasons for driving – convenience/time and traffic safety
    • 90% would prefer to use active transportation
    • Would walk or bike if – continuous sidewalks/trails, more marked crossings, lower vehicle speeds and volume
    • Key Concerns: Path from Maynard, Camelot, Arbutus/Haro, drop off loop, Haro
  • Draft Action Plan and feedback: responsibilities assigned to either Saanich Engineering Department or SD61.  Kate to finish and make parking map
    • Saanich: Hobbs, Maynard Park, Haro, Arbutus, Sinclair and Camelot.  Suggested improvements to monitor vehicle speeds, crosswalk visibility and safety, sidewalks (new and expanded) and long-term parking spots used by QA and UVic.  Timelines 2019-2021
    • SD61: school turnaround, pathway to Hobbs Rd, paved paths on school property.  Suggested improvements to sidewalks, re-paving path and changing gate, sensory/nature circuit (opportunity for grant funding), multi-use path across school property, timelines TBD
  • Education: Drive to 5 signage and special events (eg walking Wednesdays), bike skills course (Gr 4/5 May/June 2019), crosswalk patrol (EA or volunteer), parking map (June 2019), PAC walking school bus
    • Joint bike repair event with Arbutus middle school Grade 5-7 (May 15 3-5 or 2-4) – Grade 5’s, need PAC support and parent volunteers.  More space to host at Arbutus Middle
  • Draft best routes to school map discussed
  • Feedback on draft action plans can be emailed to Kate Berniaz (

5. Teacher Appreciation Lunch (AM)

  • Tentative date May 24.  Need a parent to lead. Contact Tricia to see if she will lead this event again.  Jennifer suggested holding in courtyard and bringing lawn chair

6. Reports

Treasurer (RC)

  • Expected surplus at end of year of approx. $4000 – 5000
  • Garden club spending underway – find new shovels in storage purchased by SD61
  • Science Venture bill will go into PAC mailbox for payment (1 or 2 invoices)
  • K/1 playground equipment is a big hit with kids – thank you!
  • PAC executive approved $250 for safety signage at drop off turnaround
  • Ingrid discussed funding for crosswalk attendants – no funding from school, possible PAC funding?

Chair/VCPAC (SW)

  • VCPAC AGM and elections held April 23, there is a new chair
    • Inclusion committee is looking for more parents to make standing committee with district representation
    • VCPAC awards – only 1 nomination submitted to date, accepting nominations through May 10.  Nominations submitted by students are encouraged, can include videos and letters. Frank Hobbs Fine Arts/Dance program nomination coordinated by Natalie.  Allison coordination a teacher nomination. We are encouraged to submit nominations

7. BBQ/Activity Day (SW)

  • Grillverado booked June 14 afternoon.  Host after school and organize 3-5 sports events and freezies.  Lisa will work with volunteers to coordinate activities – suggestion to distribute sign-up sheet similar to Winterfest
  • No sports day this year – cannot hold in June because end of year is too busy with many other school events (IF/JC) and not enough parents volunteers (LL)
    • Possible to set a date for next year, but only if activities are combined eg with beach day (IF)
    • Feedback from parents presented by Allison: disappointed about no sports day and may not be able to attend after school hours. What will budgeted $700 be spent on instead? Buy freezies for beach day (June 7) and roll-over funds to next year.  Not necessary to spend on sports day – in previous years the money was budgeted to hire bouncy castle.
    • Note of explanation into May newsletter

8. New Business (AM)

  • Next meeting is AGM – elections for next years council, draft budget for 2019-2020

Future 2018/2019 meeting dates: May 29 (AGM)

Meeting adjourned at 7:35 pm.  AGM May24 at 6pm in the library


Frank Hobbs PAC meeting Minutes
January 30 6pm
Frank Hobbs Learning Commons (Library)

Attendees: Sandra Waterman, Allison Muzyka, Regan Copeland, Kristin Bowles,
Megan Kritzinger, Ingrid Fawcett

1. Welcome/Call to Order (AM) – Do not have voting quorum
2. Approval of Agenda (AM)– No alterations
3. Approval of minutes from last meeting January 30 2019 (AM) – No alterations
4. Reports
A. Chair/VCPAC (SW)

  • Sandra attending VCPAC meetings, presented district-level concerns:
    o Catchment review: some schools are working to keep their programs and
    catchments, mainly affects Victoria core. Frank Hobbs not affected. Refer to
    district webpage for details
    o Inclusion – Sandra is on VCPAC Inclusion committee. Arbutus will maintain its
    low incidence program and allow students to attend from out of catchment
    o VCPAC awards – accepting nominations through early May, link to be shared in
    newsletter. Nominations submitted by students are encouraged. Frank Hobbs
    has an excellent Fine Arts/Dance program we would like to nominate.
  • Upcoming Parent Ed to be shared in newsletter: Mar 14 Math, Apr 2 Social Media
    and Gaming. Speakers can be invited to present to classrooms

B. Treasurer (RC)

  • Estimate a $4000 surplus at end of 2018/2019 school year

C. Principal’s Update (IF)

  • K/1 playground equipment decisions ongoing with staff
  • Feb 23 Pro-D day: $2000 learning grant. 4 teachers met with 5 learning support and
    EA’s and 1 distict rep for writing support workshop. Action research project fits
    into Staff Strategic Plan presented at Oct 24 2018 PAC meeting – meeting individual
    learning needs of students
  • Discussion around assessments for learning: strategic (large group/small
    group/individual), look for progression throughout year vs. fixed time points

D. Vice Principal’s Update (IF from Jennifer’s notes)

  • Active and Safe Routes to School – Feb 19 walkabout completed
  • Kate Berniaz drafting Action Plan –discuss at Apr 24 PAC meeting and place info
    table out at May 29 AGM PAC meeting
  • Sandra sent suggestions for safe dropoff/pickup to Jennifer for school newsletters
  • Kate Berniaz found funding for bike skills course for grade 4/5 this spring
  • Jennifer looking into crossing guards: paid for from FH outdoor supervision budget,
    takes away from recess supervision (EAs). Other schools use PAC or community
    funds. Request PAC look at crosswalk manning – volunteer/paid, how much can PAC
    fund, volunteers from Goward House? Sandra will f/u with Goward House
  • Regan discussed community planning meeting – bike path from UVic proposed to come through school grounds to Maynard. Provide feedback on safety concerns
  • Handout from Kate with helpful community info links:

5. Garden Time (AM)

  • Currently have 5 parent volunteers for April – June
  • Cleanup Apr 14 1-4 with Mt. Doug students – parents volunteers needed
  • Will do planting 1 day/week with students (Thurs/Fri) – morning announcements
  • Potential activities: Easter egg hunt, Makerspace piece (Ingrid discuss with Natalie)
  • Ingrid suggested finding teacher sponsor, helpful for including K’s. Shovels and
    wheelbarrows in cage storage can be used

6. Elections on Volunteers for 2019/2020 school year (AM)

  • Volunteers to share highlights of roles: suggested a video. Decided to put out
    handouts at student-led conferences Apr 17/18 and overview in PAC newsletters
  • Tammy passing off duties for Booster Juice and Spirit Wear to Megan
  • Sandra will step down from Chair/FB/Newsletter, continue with fundraising BBQ,
    Parent Ed and VCPAC
  • Jessica Lake will step down from Hot Lunch Coordinator

8. New Business (SW)

  • Sandra looking into engaging community volunteers: Goward House to read/help in
    classrooms. Requires volunteer forms/background checks/organization. PAC
    volunteer needed to liaise between volunteers and teachers.

Future 2018/2019 meeting dates: Apr 24 and May 29 (AGM)
Meeting adjourned at 7:15 pm. Next meeting April 24 at 6pm in the library


Frank Hobbs PAC meeting Minutes
January 30 6pm
Frank Hobbs Learning Commons (Library)

Attendees: Sandra Waterman, Allison Muzyka, Regan Copeland, Kristin Bowles, Lisa
Little, Michael Elkink, Stanislav Konorov, Anne Kestell, Ingrid Fawcett, Jennifer Cox,
Diane McNally

1. Welcome/Call to Order (AM)
Introduction of Diane McNally, SD61 school board trustee

2. Approval of Agenda (AM)– No alterations

3. Approval of minutes from last meeting October 24 2018 (AM) – No alterations

4. Operating Budget Feedback (SD61 2019-2020) (SW, DM)
– Survey must be completed by Feb 8
– Looking for suggestions from parents, interested parents may form a group
– Classroom funds; resources to effectively support vulnerable students (SW)
– All strongly encouraged to attend public presentations and ask questions
– Current deficit less than $3-4million, paying down every year – this is good news

5. Guest Presentation and discussion (DM)
– Diane McNally is school trustee elected by the public in 16 municipalities, and 2 first
nations. 10 years teaching experience, advocates for special needs support
– Trustee speaks as an individual but cannot speak for Board; can be fired by board
– Trustee makes public statements regarding public concerns at board meetings. The
board then brings to the Superintendent who makes decisions

Current Issues:
– Boundary review ongoing
– Budget 2019-2020
– French immersion numbers and locations
– Committee meetings: Agenda posted Friday prior to meeting
1 st Monday – Education Policy (parents encouraged to attend this one)
2 nd Monday – Operations/Budget
Last Monday – Board of Education
Contact Diane: follow Diane’s facebook page

6. Reports
-Sandra attending VCPAC meetings, presented district-level concerns:
– Catchments changing, some have too many kids – refer to district webpage for
details and 3 open houses
– French immersion line-ups to register, having to attend out of catchment
– Inclusion – nothing new from Province, some changes in SD61: programs closing
in the name of inclusion but not enough support in place for transition to
mainstream. Recommend waiting until supports are in place before removing
programs, with goal of achieving a stable classroom. Diane shared that there are upcoming motions to keep programs open and that the board needs to slow

B. Treasurer (RC)
-Slow progress in fundraising ask, ~70 donations to date, 1 very generous. Send out
reminder email. Set a deadline?
-Received grant for earthquake supplies: $1500 surplus applied to general funds
-Operating with surplus, proposals for additional expenditures discussed
-K/1 purple playground removable equipment – Natalie has used scholastic
funds for some equipment eg. sidewalk chalk
-Transportation: paperwork for parent drivers takes huge amount of office staff
time and difficult for parents. Ingrid encouraging public buss usage but
schedules are difficult. School buss cost is reasonable ($7/student for Oak Bay
Rec and buss). Plan ahead to make equitable for all teachers to access funds
– Aim to provide a fund for bus transportation for 2020/2021

– Voted on and approved 2 proposals:
1. $1000 for removable purple playground equipment for K/1: 8 Yes, 0 No
2. Increase classroom funds by $100 (eg from $300 to $400) for 2018/2019 in 15
divisions: 8 Yes, 0 No

C. Fundraising (KB, LL)
– Purdy’s Christmas fundraiser raised $417 with minimal volunteer time
– Purdy’s Easter fundraiser to run in March/April: Kristin and Lisa
– Mabel’s Labels fundraiser to run at end of year (back to school supplies): Lisa
Ordering Link to go on PAC website
– Sports Day – replaces end of year Fun Day: Lisa
– Peppers offered to bring tent and BBQ, donate concession supplies (eg slushie
machine, freezer, staff) and donate all proceeds back to school
– 315 students divided up into groups of 20 at 2 groups of 8 stations. 1 station is
rest/snack station (Ingrid/Lisa)
– have ~90 minutes. Plan for May. Date needs to go through staff (Ingrid)
– Teachers can help divide into groups and move bodies between stations (Ingrid)
Lisa and Ingrid to brainstorm
– Discussion re: how much fundraising to do, what is purpose of initial fundraising
ask? Purpose is to ease volunteer time burden and make up for hot lunch deficit.
Will continue with additional fundraising

D. Principal’s Update (IF)
– Focus on budget, catchments and OSC (out of school care)
–  2 Portables will be constructed onsite to host OSC, located near Arbutus Grove
(opportunities for consultation at meetings)
– Childhood anxiety presentation hosted at FH was well-received, ~100 attendees
from multiple schools
– Advocating for more EA support: now have 10 as requested, staff less stressed
– Playground Safety Update: Red Door will complete 1 day of work (grid effect on logs,
sand down stone slabs) on Family Day. Funded by school, would like funds from
PAC if available
– Pro-D day: teachers meet with learning support and EA’s, focus on writing support

E. Vice Principal’s Update (JC)

-Active and Safe Routes to School Survey had 30% response rate
o 60% of students are active
o 40% are driven due to time/convenience/traffic safety
o main concerns: lack of continuous sidewalks, trails and crossings; changes to
speed limits on more streets
o walkabout on Feb 19 7:30am
o new OSC will create parking concerns-Kate Berniaz attend OSC meeting
o Arbutus Global Middle School involved in program, get together for planning
o Regan and Anne discussed ongoing Cadboro Bay Local Area Plan – plan for next
20-30 years. Transportation meeting end Feb. Communicate with community
planners and invite to walkabout

7. Movie Night (SW)
– Vote on PAC FB page for Paddington 2 or Smallfoot
– Talk to Mr. Walasek about setting up A/V

8. New Business (SW)
– Additional hot lunch volunteers needed
– Hot lunch: positive feedback from Jennifer and teachers
– Continuing parent education nights – info in newsletter. Some speakers available to
present to classrooms
– VI parents conference – link in newsletter
– School BBQ: Jenner Grillverado booked for June 26 (beach day, can we do it at the
beach? Need permit). Might be able to book in March before spring break.

Future 2018/2019 meeting dates: Feb 27, Apr 24, and May 29
Meeting adjourned at 7:40 pm. Next meeting February 27 at 6pm in the library



Frank Hobbs PAC meeting Minutes
October 24 2018 6pm
Frank Hobbs Learning Commons (Library)

Attendees: Sandra Waterman, Regan Copeland, Kristin Bowles, Anne Kestell, Jennifer
Cox, Kate Berniaz

1. Welcome/Introduction of new exec (Sandra)
– Attendance is low- send out email reminder 2 days prior to future PAC meetings

2. Approval of Agenda– No alterations
– Add in a “New Business” item for future meetings

3. Approval of minutes from last meeting (September 26 2018) – No alterations

4. Active and Safe Routes to School presentation (Facilitator is Kate Berniaz from CRD)
– Across CRD: ~50% kids driven to school, ~30% walk or bike, ~20% bussed
– Benefits to mental and physical health, independence and confidence, air quality
– 3 Saanich schools participating in 2018/2019
– Walk+Wheel to School week: participation increased after Mon., stickers

– November: Data collection – online survey open Nov 5-23, Kate to supply
promotional material, 30% response rate desired

– February: Walkabout – with admin, parents, municipal staff, everyone invited.
Likely 7:30-8:30am and 1hr in classroom. Jennifer requests a Tuesday

– April: Proposed best routes to school map provided. Kate to present at April 24 th
PAC meeting

– PAC support required: 1-3 parents to be point people – identify activities to
promote walk/bike (Drive to 5, Bike to School Week). Kate will provide resources

– Program results in infrastructure changes and changes in habits
– Currently struggle with safe parking (Jennifer)
– New development will occur at Arbutus Grove but parking will not be expanded
– Expect higher volume traffic and parking throughout the day
– District needs to hear our concerns
– Prioritize parking for those who really need it (disabilities/preschoolers)
– What kind of involvement from school district?

– SD61, Facilities (Chuck Morris new head), Admin all come together at once
to make parking/access better for our school

– Is process far enough along for Saanich May 2019 budget meeting? Yes (Kate)

– Discussion
– Police hand out postcards with kids drawing and school zone rules
– Saanich police website has records of speeds where recorded by machines
– School zone signage on Hobbs/Maynard
– Crossing guards – possibly at Arbutus/Haro. Paid school employee/volunteers?
– Parking available on Maynard in the church lot?
– Bike skills presentation – grant from Bike to Work Program provides 3hr
training to 1 class of grade 4/5’s. Consider Bike BC for 2019/2020

Message for parents from Jennifer – Activity Before Learning is critical. Need to
move around and get sillies out to self-regulate in classroom. Eats into
instructional time. 5-10 minutes is enough

5. Principal’s Message (JC)
– Staff Strategic Plan presented by Jennifer
– 3 year plan developed at ProD day May 2018 with a facilitator
– Inclusive Learning focus –kids with and without designations learning in classroom
the way they best learn and feel good about it
– Collaborate with EA’s – dedicate time for this
– Get parents informed
– Structures and strategies to support social/emotional learning
– Assessments – learning is not linear for any child, needs to be done on continuum.
SD mandates grades given for grades 4, 5
– Embraced and resourced the new curriculum – hard to adjust, Admin supporting
teachers, teachers collaborating, embed core competencies and big ideas into daily
instructional practices

Big ideas:
– Commit to assessments for learning with kids giving feedback on their own
work and understanding
– Facilitate social emotional learning – self regulation, kindness, problem-solving
– Foster learning opportunities that bridge bonding between families and staff
– Open to parent night for Fresh Grade info and other questions: Q+A – ask parents
what questions they have, want to know what parents don’t know
– Communication through parent partners or Fresh Grade regarding how parents can
help in the classroom

6. Suggested Budget Revisions for 2018/2019 (Regan)
– Note enough members present to hold a vote to approve revised budget – revisit at
January 30 2019 PAC meeting
– Proposal to allocate PAC funds for transportation cost of cross-country team
– Requested $260. PAC exec approves $250 (vote not req’d for $250 or less)
– In future can PAC fund 1 field trip/year per class?

7. Discussion about lunch procedures, expectation of lunch monitors (Sandra)
– Jennifer needs to know about any problems with monitors. Monitors are just kids,
some difficulties observed in younger classrooms. How can we prepare monitors
– Supervision is school district requirement, change requires conversation with SD61
– Recess first, eat lunch second – Jennifer open to this, requires a lot of parent support

8. Updates – movie nights, popcorn orders, Winterfest, volunteer positions (Regan)
– 2 movie nights organized by Nora
– Popcorn orders will close the night before popcorn day
– Winterfest to be held December 12, call for volunteers to go out in newsletter
– Poinsetta supplier used previously no longer available, no one to coordinate
– Purdy’s fundraiser (Kristin)

Future 2018/2019 meeting dates: Jan 30, Feb 27, Apr 24, and May 29

Meeting adjourned at 7:40 pm. Next meeting January 30 at 6pm in library

Frank Hobbs PAC meeting Minutes

September 24. 2018, 7pm

Frank Hobbs Learning Commons (Library)

Attendees: Allison Muzyka, Sandra Waterman, Regan Copeland, Jessica Lake, Kristin Bowles, Andrea Frost, Diana Hammond, Yona Or-Sroray, Marziyeh Yousefi, Carolyn Wilcher, Dianne Giles, Caitlin Harmon, Jessica Fry, Megan Kritzinger, Sarah Yee, Greg Goforth, Kellie Horlor, Ingrid Fawcett, Jennifer Cox

  1. Welcome/Introduction of new exec – Approval of 2018/2019 PAC exec as follows:
    • Sandra – chair
    • Allison – co-chair meeting support
    • Kristin – co-chair communications
    • Regan – treasurer


  1. Approval of minutes from May AGM (May 30 2018) – No alterations


  1. Approval of Agenda – No alterations


  1. Role of PAC (Allison)
    • Raise funds for a wide variety of programs such as: teachers/classrooms, Science Ventures, dance, chess and tennis, grade 5 graduation
    • Parent volunteers always needed


  1. Nominations for vacant positions
    • VCPAC rep
    • Fundraising coordinator
    • No volunteers at meeting, follow up October PAC meeting


  1. Principal’s Message (Ingrid)
  • Thank you for efforts to get playground completed before start of school! Everybody enjoying the new playground
  • BBQ was great success in short amount of time–apply strategies to future events
  • Facilities – received facelift inside and out
  • 2 Pro-D days in September very productive for teachers to prepare for year

Active and Safe Routes to School program (Jennifer)

  • Joint effort between Jennifer/PAC. Currently struggle with safe parking
  • Request for ideas by email to Jennifer Cox
  • Kellie: monitors at Maynard access – no speed humps, people drive too fast
  • CRD representative to attend Oct PAC meeting, parents asked to volunteer for a walkabout
  • Aim to have plan in place May 2019 – CRD takes over, makes recommendations to Saanich


  1. Request funds for portable playground equipment at purple playground (Ingrid)
    • Grades 2-5 use the new PG during recesses, K/1 use purple PG
    • Add something special for K/1’s, must be portable (eg. Bean bag toss)
    • Each PG (2) to have marble run installed (Andrea)
    • Plan to use any remaining contingency funds from new PG budget– amount TBD
    • Meanwhile, request for ideas/cost from PAC – bring to Oct. PAC meeting


  1. Playground Committee update (Andrea)
  • Equipment to be installed: 2 benches, 2 signs, 4 posts with educational signs, marble runs, mini-spinner
    • Expected October/November, dates to be confirmed
  • Celebration event recognizing sponsors after above complete
  • Question re: cleanliness and safety sweeps – cleaning of outdoor grounds done by Facilities and students, safety sweeps done after high winds, equipment checked by SD61 annually


  1. Discussion regarding combined classrooms (Ingrid)
    • New curriculum features big ideas/core competencies over discrete outcomes. 5-year range of skills in any single grade
    • Students taught as a whole, not separated by grade level- assessing kids and working where they’re at and moving them forward
    • Allows adherence to new class size mandated by Supreme Court, all benefit from smaller class sizes
    • Teacher perspectives from Jennifer Cox – focus on teaching themes, skills, critical and creative thinking. Can teach math at same time to both grades by planning and preparing for range of needs.  Very similar to teaching last year with separate grades
    • Question re: assessment – Kids mixed to work with learning partners between grades depending on assessed skills, learning is on a continuum with students always progressing no matter starting level (Jen)
    • Question re: consistency across classrooms – same as classrooms with separate grades, each teacher has different methods of teaching (Ingrid)
    • Question re: why combo classes vs. traditional and will it carry forward in future years? – prefer combined classes for student learning and community building, and meet class size requirements. Class composition depends on numbers, not always going to be in a combined class


  1. Swim Club (Yona)
  • Thank you to Yona for leading swim club this year. Begins Oct 18
  • Communicate to parents to give opportunity to sign up – October newsletter and post on PAC website
  • Greg to post sign-up on hot lunch page immediately following meeting
  • Thursdays 3:15-4 at McKinnon Pool until March, plus swim meets. Cost $95
  • For grades 2-5, prerequisite swim 25 metres. Expect 15-50 kids, no limit
  • Need to confirm waivers are in place
  • If families cannot afford cost, can PAC cover funds? – YES, as for all PAC-sponsored activities (funds from contingency for PG and tennis/chess). This should be clearly stated for all PAC-sponsored activities


  1. Bring back Classroom partners (Allison)
  • Purpose: Emails to class, coordinate teacher gifts, more lines of communication
  • Partners need to connect with teachers – teacher requests permission from parents to give out contact info (Ingrid)
  • Does every teacher want this? Only set up where wanted by teacher
  • Sign up sheets at parent/teacher conferences Oct 4/5


  1. New Hot Lunch Program (Jess)
  • Struggled to get enough help, imposed on teachers, despite being money maker
  • Kids, parents tired of pizza/hot dogs and would like healthier, less waste options
  • Researched by Jess: reached out to schools and vendors, approached by Peppers
  • Peppers: local, easy, will cost match, has network of local suppliers, waste-free
  • Options kept minimal to start. No one with dietary restrictions excluded – contact Jess to arrange for Peppers to provide suitable meal
  • net ordering site up for year, might have glitches (Greg)
  • 1 volunteer/classroom required to hand out food – sign up sheet distributed at meeting and collected by Jess. Ok to miss weeks.  Ok to bring other children but get approval from teacher first
  • Jess will do run-though of each classroom to identify where to put food in classroom and communicate to volunteers
  • If run an additional hot lunch day (eg. Pizza), need volunteer to coordinate


11/12.  Treasure’s report and new approach to fundraising (Regan)

  • Welcome back BBQ had $620 profit
  • Need to adjust budget for new hot lunch program cost (Andrea to assist)
  • Draft letter for call for donations was handed out – no alterations
    • $45/child suggested, non-charitable. To get tax receipt need to go through School District, currently not set up to do this, consider for future years
    • Purpose: ease volunteer time burden, hot lunches not as lucrative this year
    • Allow events to focus on community building more than fundraising
    • Fundraising letter will be distributed next week


  1. Winterfest report and call for volunteers (Kellie)
  • Agreed that Kellie will plan and run event from 6-8pm (arriving at 5:30)
  • Kellie to train a volunteer to take over–PAC find someone to shadow Kellie
  • Requires 50 volunteers day of; never usually a problem to get that many


  1. Movie Nights UpdateNora not present, no dates yet, revisit at October meeting


  1. Facebook page info (Sandra)
  • Currently have ~45 followers
  • Sandra posting reminders about school events
  • Info into next newsletter and on PAC website to get more followers


  1. Other items
  • Clothing orders are up on the hot lunch website (Greg/Tammy)
  • PAC newsletter to be drafted and distributed early next week
  • 2018/2019 meeting dates:

Oct 24

Jan 30

Feb 27

Apr 24

May 29


Meeting adjourned at 7:10 pm.  Next meeting October 24 at 6pm in library





PAC AGM – Frank Hobbs Learning Commons (Library)

Meeting Minutes

May 30th, 2018

In attendance: Jessica Lake, Lisa Little, Regan Copeland, Greg Beamish, Ayodeji Kuponiyi, Tolu Agbaje, Sandra Waterman, Raju Sapkota, Janim Vadin, Allison Muzgka, Ed Forbes, Tanya Manning-Lewis, Peter Lewis, Sheyenne Spence, Ryan Dubreuil, Kaveh Zarinkar, Jessica Fry, Robyn Cristini, Annete Martens, Natalie McIlmyle, Pam Ewart, Ingrid Fawcett, Jennifer Cox, Andrea Frost, Kellie Horler, Nora Huang

Note: These minutes are unapproved and may be subject to some alterations. They will
be formally approved at the next PAC meeting in September 2018.

No alterations made to the minutes from the last PAC meeting.

Ingrid – gave a summary of recent events and thanked parents for their support during this school year.

Budget – approved as follows:

Fundraising Revenue
PAC lunches 11250
Popcorn (X 6) 720
Booster juice (x 3) 2400
Movie night (Feb)
WinterFest (Dec)
School Clothing (Sept/ Oct) 1500

Parent direct fundraising ask (1) Sept – when sign up for lunches – ask for parents to pay extra if can cover the cost for other parent lunches ($500?) (2) March – Spring fundraising -ask for one off payment/ donation – e.g. to cover emergency supplies for this year ($3,000)? 3500

School Supplies (Monks online) 450
Finn and Izzy ($5 for each pair of shoes) 250
Peppers (5%) 3600

Total Fundraising revenue $23,670
Other Revenue
Gaming Funds 5740
Total Other Revenue 5740


Fundraising Expense
PAC lunches (Jess/ Lisa to confirm plan) estimating $2.50 per child, for 250 children for 10 lunches through the year 6250
Popcorn 420
Booster juice 2100
Movie night (Feb)
WinterFest (Dec)

Total fundraising expense $8,770

General Expenses
Tennis/ chess (contingency) 395
Dance program 3000
Monks school supplies 250
Teacher Classroom Funds ($300X15 divs) 4500
ELL supplies 200
Garden Time 200
Special education classroom supplies 200
Fun day 700
Music 150
School counsellor supplies 150
Grade 5 Year End Activities 1800
Science Fair 500
Science Ventures presentations 1500
BrainPop Jr website (3 X gr 2 classes X$120) 360
Special performance 500
Sensory resources – rebounder 150
Sensory resources – deep pressure squeeze machine 1000
Maker space resources 500
Library 300
PAC hospitality 80
Dues (BCCPAC) 75
Online system and PAC website reg 450
PayPal 700
Emergency Preparedness – order in April 2019 (fundraising ask dependent, though dates expire in 2019) 2980

Total general expenses $20,640


Discussion around mechanism for allocating teacher classroom expenses. Present system requires receipts to be provided at the point that expenses are requested. Closing date for all teacher expenses to be submitted is always June 10th – annual requirement, so that the Treasurer can do end of year totals, in order to submit Gaming Grant expenses (deadline for gaming grant submission is end of June).

Present system is based on best practise as recommended by the KPMG Third Party Audit which was conducted in 2015. All Frank Hobbs PAC cash control systems and PAC financial policy is based on recommendations from this audit. Importance of being able to produce receipts and be able to demonstrate expenditure trail, in case of future audits. Requirement to be fully accountable and transparent. General ‘gifting’ does not allow for an audit trail and opens potential for additional problems with asking for refunds when money is not spent, or is spent on items that are not directly supporting classrooms eg. candy/ food supplies (previous examples of expenses that were not approved).

No PAC childcare, or photography club line items in budget next year.

No swim club for next year.

Chess/ tennis to continue as a direct parent ‘ask’ for payments, through the school website, the same as this year. Contingency to be included in case parents have difficulty covering the cost. Parents should apply to the school for this, and the request will be forwarded to PAC exec for auctioning – no names to be given in a general meeting; any contingency payments to be made to conserve and respect parents’ privacy.

Earthquake supplies are due for renewal in 2019. Suggestion to hold back on ordering supplies until fundraising has been confirmed.

Jess and Lisa to discuss details of the lunch plan over the summer. Andrea recommended that choices and payments be given to Greg Goforth in August, so that he can set up the online system ready for ordering at the school year start in September. Menu choices to be firmed up, and any changes made to the budget (any budgetary decisions to be made with parent approval) at the parent general meeting in September. Proposing 10 meals over the year, with a charge of $45 per child. Details to be worked out before August by Lisa and Jess.

Executive positions confirmed for 2018/19:

  • Chair – Sandra Waterman
  • Treasurer – Regan Copeland

Other positions (Co-Chair X 2, Fundraising Coordinator, VCPAC representative) to be confirmed at the September general meeting.*

Andrea – gave a summary of the playground plans for the summer. Last fundraising drive to be done in June, to raise last funds for installation of the Apollo Spinner. Work will commence on site in July 5th.

Ingrid – talked about the plans for the chimes – she has checked other playgrounds that have them and the feedback has been positive. Ingrid said some concerns had been raised, but that the proximity of the chimes to residential area should allow for a sufficient buffer zone. If there are complaints when the chimes are in, then PAC will see if we can plan for either a cover, or a way to buffer the chimes after school hours. Jessica offered to meet with anyone who has expressed concerns, to walk them around the chimes that are in existence at the other site(s) and demonstrate their functionality to allay any concerns.

Meeting adjourned 7.55pm

* After the meeting, Kristin Bowles, Lisa Little and Allison Muzyka expressed interest in exec positions for next year. New exec roles to be forwarded for consideration and official approval at the September 2018 general parent meeting.


Frank Hobbs PAC Meeting Minutes – November 8th, 2017

In Attendance Kelly Gorman, Regan Copeland, Greg Beamish, Emily Ryan, Erin MacPherson, Jessica Lake, Lisa Little, Natalie McIlmoyle, Ingrid Fawcett, Liette DeBeck

Administrative Update – Ingrid

New windows and siding are going up

School board meeting occurring to discuss health of Frank Hobbs forest – some trees may need to come down

Out of school care is expanding as the UVic OSC is closing.  Portable building may be built and could be used as a new learning studio.

ProD day upcoming – Blanket ceremony

First Nations resources have been generously donated by a parent for school use.  Book is “Speaking our Truth” By Monique Gray Smith. 10 copies on order for school, possible parent sign out.

Nikki Linum (sp) numerousy learning – co-teaching tech teacher coming

Friday Lunch and learn with tech guy is friday afternoons

Dance Festival upcoming

Talk about transforming library into a true learning commons – how do we do that?

Discussion about asking parents for $40-$50 per child to cover PAC costs for the whole year.  Takes the pressure off hot lunches and frees up volunteers to explore new ventures.

How to hand out teacher funds – $300/classroom.  Possible lump sum at the beginning of the year. To check with Melinda/ Andrea

Big thanks to Lisa Little and Jessica Lake for their enormous contributions to the hot lunch program.  Discussion of paradigm shift in how we approach hot lunch next year. Once a month with a focus on healthy eating self-care.  LL and JL to research what other schools do.

Movie night net $450

Tricia S is to organize teacher appreciation lunch

Swim club does not have a volunteer for next year – need to recruit

Discuss need for more signage for PAC meetings

PAC will continue to fund chess and tennis

Classroom partners will return next year if organizer is found


Frank Hobbs PAC Parents Welcome Meeting
Learning Commons (School Library)
Wednesday September 20, 2017

Attendees: Emily Ryan, Natalie McIlmoyle, Debra Caso-Rohland, Katherine Tavaarwerk, Ingrid Fawcett, Mary Kelly, Sandra Waterman, Regan Copeland, Greg Beamish, Andrea Frost, Caroline Ponsford, Linh Ho, Kristin Bowles, Elisabeth Gugl, Lindsay Coulter, Robyn Cristini

Welcome and new exec intro                           Kelly

New executive members introduced themselves:
Kelly Gorman (Chair)
Emily Ryan (Co-Chair)
Regan Copeland (Co-Chair)
Greg Beamish (Treasurer)

Approval of minutes from last meeting               All

Previous meeting minutes (from May AGM) approved. New executive members
confirmed, see above.

Natalie asked if the Lions Fund donation of $2,500 was available for this year’s
technology spend. (This amount had come into the PAC after the May AGM). Andrea
and Greg confirmed that $5,000 had been spent for technology last year (before June
2017), according to the approved PAC budget for 2016/17. This year’s budget (2017/18)
from the PAC AGM, approved in May 2017 did not have an additional line item for
technology. There were no liabilities identified in June 2017 for technology. See below
for 2017/18 budget proposals. PAC will check with Lora Carroll re: need to include $2,500 in this year’s budget. If this is necessary, budget will need to be revised and updated to reflect this at the next meeting.

Administration update                                          Ingrid

Ingrid Introduced Jennifer Cox as the new Vice Principal.

Ingrid talked about the renovations that had taken place at the school over the summer.

Robyn Cristini was introduced as the new Grade 3 /4 combined class teacher

Ingrid confirmed that we now have around 305 students at the school.

Office staff time (ratio for staff to students) is currently running at a maximum. If the
student numbers stay at this level, there may be a possibility of additional office support
staff to be taken on for this school year.

Additional ELL support may also be possible this school year. With the regorganization of space in the school, we now have staff work preparation space.

The school continues to support applied design/ the enquiry model, cross country, track,
science fair, FAME, fine arts, tennis and chess. This year, parents have been asked to
cover the cost of chess and tennis. Payment can be made online. The PAC have set
aside a contingency to cover the cost for those parents who may struggle to pay for
these lessons.

Ingrid talked about the new combined classes. Not a split class – more of an
individualized approach to learning. Group work will be set up according to needs and
abilities, with activities tailored to individual student needs.

A question was asked about CSL reporting and the Fresh Grade option. Ingrid
explained that students may have one of these approaches. Reporting is more
commonly year specific; the information is usually not carried over into other grades.

School Counsellor Introduction                           Mary Kelly

Mary introduced herself and gave a summary of her own background. She has 4
children (now adults!) and had 4 children in 4 years (twins last!). She takes a very non-
judgemental approach to parenting.  Mary is working in two other schools, Oaklands and James Bay. Her ratio with students
is 1:1100 She is at Frank Hobbs on Tuesday all day and Friday mornings. She would
never see your child on a one-on- one without parent consent. If she is working in the
classroom with your child, you would always be notified via school communication.
Parents will always know if Mary is working with your child. She enjoys the ‘Be Safe’ Red Cross Program which takes place in the Kindergarten classes. She hopes to be at the school for the longer term and is looking forward to working here.

GVTA rep introduction and discussion               Katherine Trevaarwerk

Katherine is NOT the GVTA representative; we do not currently have a GVTA rep in the

Katherine gave a short presentation on the approach to special needs programs, a
background on why BCTF took so long, and gave an illustration of the new class
composition ratios.
K – 20
K /1 combined – 20
Grades 1, 2 and 3 – 22
3 / 4 combined – 24
Grades 4 and 5 – 29
Guidance is that schools should make “every effort” to ensure there is no class with
more than 2 students who have special needs designations. Special needs includes
chronic health, autism….does NOT include ELL or gifted student designations.
Approach to special needs has changed considerably since 2002. Emphasis now is on
inclusive education and learning support for ALL students.

Swim Club                    Elisabeth

Elisabeth said that one parent had enquired as to whether a grade 2 student could join
the swim club. Discussion about changing room adult presence, timing, swimming
abilities, maturity level for walking to/ from school and in the changing rooms.
Agreement that swim club should remain for grades 3 – 5. Swim club is on Thursdays after school. Elisabeth confirmed that she appreciates help at the club, especially with escorting the walkers up to the pool. She will need someone to take over the coordination of the swim club from 2019/20 onwards. Andrea will ask Greg Goforth to confirm for Elisabeth names and numbers for the swim club (information is on the online system).

Playground Update                                              Andrea

The provincial government capital project grant application is written and ready to be

Red Door have written up design plans and equipment has been selected by the sub-
committee following consultation in spring this year. Final design plans and equipment
layout are on the playground page of the PAC website.

The playground renewal project is planned to be done in two phases.

The first phase is forecasted to cost just over $156,000. This would include:

 Blue Imp playground structure
 Site preparation and installation
 Widening pathway for accessibility
 First Nations drum
 Acoustic chimes
 Vista seating area and planting

Items for phase two of the project are suggested in the Red Door design package.
Some items (e.g. the life sized Twister game) could be changed according to more
detailed parent consultations. The details for phase two can be firmed up after Phase
One is approved. The October parent newsletter will ask if any parents know of any individuals or businesses that wish to sponsor a play station for phase two. Additional items could include a gaga court, community chalk board etc.

We will know by December 31, 2017 if we have been successful with the playground
capital grant application. If we receive the grant, phase one can be scheduled for 2018.
Approval to update budget In order to be eligible for $78,400 government match funding for the playground, this would mean altering the 2017-18 budget to set aside $20,643 in contributions for phase one of the project.

Andrea distributed the proposed revised PAC budget to all members. Line items that
had been amended are highlighted in red (see below). The proposed revisions are as a
result of being able to more accurately define lunch schedules, as well as firming up
event plans since the May AGM.

All fundraising estimations have been forecasted on the conservative side, e.g. Peppers
and direct funding asks. Previous years’ fundraising income actually exceeding these
forecasted amounts. Good practice is not to assume this revenue will materialize,
therefore the amended budget items presented for fundraising items are modest.
2017/18 budget approved as follows:


PAC budget 2017.18

Lindsay asked a question about the new combined classes and how this works in
practice. Ingrid explained the focus is on concepts. There are small group opportunities
and learning is very individualized.

Andrea said Kellie Horler is looking for help with Winterfest planning. A special note will
be posted on the website, as well as included on the next newsletter. Please contact
Kellie if you are interested. She will need lots of help!
Next meeting November 8 th 6pm
Meeting close 7.22pm

Frank Hobbs Elementary School

PAC Meeting – Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Present: Andrea Frost, Nora Huang, Kelly Gorman, Regan Copeland, Joëlle Maycock, Celina Panchuk, Ingrid Fawcett, Greg Beamish, Kellie Horler, Liz Lindsay, Emily Ryan, Caroline Ponsford, Audra Bassari

Welcoming remarks – Andrea Frost

Approval of minutes from previous meeting:  All in favour, no alterations

Administration Update – Ingrid Fawcett: 

Staffing:  There will be a decrease in number of EAs next year, which may impact Lunchtime supervision.  Some discussion over how to address this, including parent volunteers. There will be two new teachers in both the primary and intermediate grades, and in total there will be 15 divisions.  The school will also be welcoming a new VP.  Some staff members will be leaving to go onto different positions.

Prep programs for 2017 2018 will include dance, French, and science.

The grades 4 & 5 students participated in a STEM event co-produced by UVic Science and Engineering dept and Science Venture.  Frank Hobbs students along with students from Doncaster Elementary, spent the day learning about and practicing engineering principles.

Upcoming events:  Staff Appreciation Lunch – June 8; Grandparent’s Day – also June; and the Maker Carnival – June 21  (where students get to design and make their own carnival activities).

Ingrid expressed her gratitude to the PAC for all that they do for the school. She also was very thankful for all the challenges and joy that her first year at Frank Hobbs brought her.

Constitution Review – Andrea Frost:  PAC reviewed and made changes to its constitution at the March 12 PAC meeting.  No vote was held as there wasn’t quorum.  Changes for the new constitution unanimously approved at tonight’s PAC meeting.

Budget – Greg Beamish:  The PAC is sitting on approximately $65,000 in the bank, however all the year’s expenses have not been withdrawn.  Final balance will be presented on the PAC website by year’s end.  The gaming grant will be submitted in the next few weeks. 

The tennis program is approx. $1,800 over budget due to unforeseen attendance.
  It was unanimously agreed that the PAC transfer funds from programs which were under budget in order to address the shortfall.  To remedy this from happening next year, parents will be asked to pay 100% of Tennis/Chess instead of 50% which they currently pay.  There will be a contingency fund to cover the cost for any families who are not able to pay this full fee.

2017/18 PAC budget unanimously approved

2017-2018 PAC Executive:

Chair (Admin/Executive Liaison)           Kelly Gorman

Co-chair (Newsletters & Meetings)     Emily Ryan

Co-Chair (Website & Parent emails)    Regan Copeland

Treasurer                                                        Greg Beamish

VCPAC Rep.                                                   Nicole Strong

Fundraising Coordinator                           Anne-Lise Loomer

Unanimous voting approval; no secret vote required.

Program Coordinators for 2017/2018

Lunch orders                                                 Jess Lake

Lunch volunteers                                         Lisa Little/Emma Hill

Booster Juice                                                 Tammy Doyle

Fruit and Veg Program                              Regan Copeland

Garden Time                                                 Nicola Deshaw/Jess Lake

School Supplies                                            Tammy Doyle

School Clothing                                             Tammy Doyle

Swim Club                                                       Elisabeth Gugl

Playground Coordinator                           Andrea Frost

Mailbox Monitor                                          Megan Roberts

Movie Night                                                   Nora Huang

Staff Appreciation Lunch                          Tricia Schaddelee

Website/Tech support                              Steven Gidden

WinterFest                                                     Kellie Horler

Lunches Online system                             Greg Goforth

Class Partner Coordinator                        to discuss with Admin re: role requirements for next year

Website technical support                       Steven Gidden

Online lunch system                                   Greg Goforth

New executive will officially transfer from July 1st. Andrea to email the new executive with supporting information over the next few weeks.

 A big Thank You! To all our amazing volunteers.  Such a great team will ensure a fantastic year!

Other Business:  There was some discussion regarding Parent Classroom Partners.  There was no feedback from the teachers regarding this, and it was proposed that it be discontinued for 2017/2018.  Co-Chairs to talk to Ingrid about this and firm up a plan for classroom support from September.

Swim club will be moved from Wednesday to Thursday next school year.

Andrea will meet with Nora to discuss movie night and also the possibility of a revised Classroom Partner coordinator role for next year.

E-newsletters come out tomorrow with parent feedback and information.

Teacher appreciation meal is June 8th. Liz can assist with setting up a Google Share sign up sheet if Tricia needs help with this.

Survey Results:  The results will be available in the newsletter.  In terms of the playground however, option #3 was the overwhelming choice.  Information will be given to the landscaping/playground company (Red Door), which will provide us with landscaping options.

 Direct Ask Campaign:  $2,300 has been raised so far from May 2017. The goal is to raise $7,000 from direct ask parent donations, by May 2018.  Anne Lise had previously offered to investigate the possibility of setting up a GoFundMe page for the playground. More information to come out on this in the Fall. Andrea will be applying for a number of grants this summer.  The playground may be installed in phases depending on grants and funding. Keep checking the PAC website this summer for updates.
Meeting Close 6.55pm

PAC Budget for 2017-18 Approved

PAC Meeting – March 12, 2017
Frank Hobbs Elementary

UVic Family Centre 

In Attendance:  Andrea F, Brandi N, Kellie H, Jessica L, Megan, Liz L, Grace

Minutes of November meeting approved, no alterations

There will be changes to the PAC executive for the 2017-2018 school year.  The PAC will be reducing the number of spots in the executive from 10 to 6 and will consist of the following positions:

1.       Chair

2.       Co-Chair

3.       Co-chair

4.       Treasurer

5.       VCPAC representative

6.       Fundraising representative

These proposed changes have been posted on the PAC’s website since January 2017 and are available for review and comment.  No enquiries or queries have been received to the PAC executive. Approved by PAC members, the new changes will come into effect immediately.

Andrea has been meeting with Ingrid re the 2017/2018 budget, to discuss school requirements for the 2017/18 budget. She will meet with executive in May and will bring a draft budget to the May AGM for approval.

Playground: Surplus funds will be rolled into the playground account.  At the end of this year, the reserves in the PAC accounts, set aside for the playground (both gaming and regular combined) are forecasted to be approximately $55,000.  Depending on PAC lunch schedules, it may be possible to allocated an additional $9,000 to the playground in the 2017/2018 budget. This amount is excluding any playground-specific fundraising or grant awards. The playground is likely to be introduced in phases to help spread out the costs. Phasing options and design possibilities will be available for parents to feedback on, in April/ May 2017. Designs will be shown in the library, with parents invited to comment using comment cards as well as using a parent survey which will also go out via email in April.


Hot Lunch:  There was discussion over hot lunch and adding additional lunches to the menu.  Sushi, burrito and Subway was discussed.  The issue of volunteers and coordinators also came up.  It was suggested that each type of lunch have its own team of volunteers to coordinate and distribute the lunches.  Liz L. is going to call Mucho Burrito for a quote.  Kellie H. will contact Cobs bread about a snack option.  It was decided to continue with Booster Juice and popcorn days, perhaps moving them to a Wednesday and keeping Friday for actual lunches. Our principal had previously mentioned to the lunch coordinator that the EAs may be available for help with hot lunch. Andrea will follow up and ask Ingrid how we may be able to utilise this support for 2017/18.

Other Business:  It was suggested that playground clean-up be implemented.  Andrea will talk to Ingrid about what is currently in place for this school year.

Andrea will work on a job description for each of the main executive members (where no-one has stepped forward to express an interest to date) as well as the main coordinator positions that are currently vacant for next year – this will be made available on the website as well as the next school newsletter, and be available to pass on to future position holders

Next meeting: Tuesday May 30, 6pm – 7.30pm (AGM) Frank Hobbs Learning Commons (library).




Frank Hobbs PAC Meeting

Wednesday, November 8, 2016 – Frank Hobbs Library

In attendance:   Liz L., Alexia, Ingrid F. (Principal), Natalie M., (Teacher/Librarian), Joelle M., Greg B., S. Gill, Audra B., Jacob E., Tammy D., Jun F., Nicole S., Richard M.

  1. Welcome & Introductions
  2. Approved September 2016 minutes, as written
  3. Admin update/school news:
  4. Staffing: The school has 2 additional EAs, making the total of 8. Jason Walasek is also available as a 0.1, working with the teaching staff on IT issues
  5. Pro-D Day. Presentation at the local Primary School Council re GAFE (Google Apps for Education). Also a presentation with the BC teachers of English-working with Shelly Moore around Inclusive Education. Trevor McKenzie will be presenting at the next Frank Hobbs Staff meeting.  Trevor is a local author and his book is “Dive into Inquiry,” which talks about foster inquiry in the classroom
  6. The school has applied for 2 enhancing learning grants with SD61. If approved these grants will go towards Math resources and the Maker Space.
  7. Frank Hobbs has a diverse population of students with many different learning styles. Staff are working on addressing those needs in the classroom
  8. Building: All the water fountains in the school have been upgraded with filters; the sinks have yet to be upgraded.  A hydration station has been ordered (combo water fountain and water bottle filling station).  The station would have filters.
  9. Parking: Continues to present challenges to both parents and staff.  Ingrid is looking at different solutions for this and has approached both SD61 and Municipality of Saanich for solutions/guidelines etc.
  10. Lunchtime: the school is looking at the way lunchtime is structured, to ensure that students have a balance of eating time and outside activitiy.  Also looking at alternatives to indoor “rain days.”
  11. Building Space: The staff did a walkabout the school to assess how the space is being used.  There is a need for de-cluttering.
  12. Kindness Club: A group of girls from grade 5 have started a Kindness Club which is open to students in both Grades 4 & 5. They talk about what it means to be kind and work on projects
  13. Manager – Homestay Department SD61 — absent
  14. Gillian Petrini, Vice-Chair, Child and Nature Alliance of Canada: Gillian presented on Connecting Children to Nature, for Health Happiness and the Planet.  See for more information
  15. VCPAC – Victoria Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils. Nicole, the VCPAC rep, shared information from the last VCPAC meeting. The PAC at Ecole Quadra Elementary is working on a comprehensive Earthquake  Preparedness plan. The chair would like to start a district-wide committee regarding this.  VCPAC has a parent education fund – deadline is approaching.   VCPAC Chair is no longer attending district meetings.  Parents are welcome to attend SD61 meetings and can pose questions to the trustees (submitted in advance).  There is currently no PAC representation at district meetings.
  16. Finances (Greg B.): Gaming Grant is $5,720.  The gaming account currently sits t $9,800 and the regular account is at approximately $42,000.
  17. Technology for Learning. $5,000 has been earmarked for IT.  After discussion, a motion by Jason to provide 10 additional  iPads, seconded by Anne K.  This will bring the school’s count from 42 to 52.
  18. Playground renewal: The first committee meeting for the playground committee is slated for November 18.  Ingrid has been in talks with the district’s facilities team to discuss the logistics of different types of playgrounds.

Meeting adjourned: 4:30 pm.

Frank Hobbs PAC Meeting

Wednesday, September 21, 2016 – Frank Hobbs Learning Commons (School Library)

In attendance:  Greg Beamish, Andrea Frost, Richard MacIlmoyle, Liz Lindsay, Pattie Perkins, Alexia Eiley, Joelle Maycock, Zhen (Amanda) Li, Liette DeBeck, Helena Hodgins, Natalie MacIlmoyle, Lora Carroll, Ben Rogers, Jasmine Fieldhouse, Anne Kestell, David Zhang, Oona Hayes, Kelly Gorman, Dalia Ali, Tiffany Poirier, Kellie Horler, Ingrid Fawcett

  1. Welcome & Introductions
  2. Approved May 2016 minutes as written, no amendments
  3. Admin update/school news:
    1. Enrolment is up from 260 in June to 300 in September. There is a new division, a 3/4 split. The school received a 0.8 FTE for Learning Support.  This will be used for Learning improvements, an Educational Assistant and technology.
    2. New Staff: We welcome Melinda Hirst, the new secretary; Jacqui  Czar, Music teacher; Ben Rodgers, 4/5 combined; we also have two new EAs and Jorge the new Day Custodian.
    3. Drainage work has been completed as well as a revamp of the front entrance. The bulletin boards inside have been painted.
    4. All classrooms should be outfitted with new projectors by February 2017.
    5. Clean Water: There are two filtered fountains and two sinks that are available for use by staff and students. The rest of the sinks and fountains continue to be closed until upgrades are completed.  The district has not provided a completion timeline as they are upgrading sinks/fountains throughout the district.  The school has an opportunity to purchase and install a hydration station (combo water fountain and bottle filling station) with the appropriate filtration, at a low cost, approximately $1,200. The school hope to receive financial help from PAC for this – decision to be made at the next meeting.
    6. Cross-Country: Cross Country starts Monday, September 26, for grades 3 to 5.
    7. Noon hour soccer has also started up.
    8. The Terry Fox run is Wednesday, September 28 at 11:00
    9. Parent Teacher Interviews: New online scheduling system is being introduced. Early dismissal (11:50 am) on Thursday, September 29 and Friday, Sept. 30
    10. Pro-D Day: Monday, September 19 was the first Pro-D of the year.  SD61 teachers meet at the Q centre then returned to the school in the afternoon for school-based vision/planning.
    11. The school had a visit from the Director of Facilities. Frank Hobbs is not on the list of schools to be rebuilt in the next five years. However they are looking to perform some improvements such as new windows and exterior paint.  Completion is targeted for 2017/2018
    12. The school will be sending out monthly newsletter to parents, which will include a PAC page. Look for this on emails near the end of each month.
    13. Swim Club: there will be an announcement re Swim Club in the newsletter.
    14. PAC flyers and inserts can be given to the office for distribution once they have been copied. The office will provide the PAC with a code for the photocopier.
    15. If any parents are interested in more information about combined classes, please see Ingrid; she has some printed information and is available for questions.


  1. VCPAC: Victoria Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils. Andrea presenting on behalf of Nicole, Frank Hobb’s VCPAC rep.  The VCPAC is looking to approach the BCTF on behalf of parents, however it is important the VCPAC truly have the voice of the parents.  There will be more discussion on how to facilitate this at future Frank Hobbs PAC meetings. If anyone has suggestions for VCPAC, please email and your message will be passed to Nicole Strong. All suggestions welcome!
  1. Finances (Greg Beamish): The Frank Hobbs PAC has two accounts; one regular account which sits at approximately $37,000 and the gaming account which is approximately $5,000 (carried over from previous years).  The PAC is still awaiting approval for the 2016/2017 gaming application.  $36,000 of PAC funds have been earmarked for the playground. The direct donation campaign held in May 2016 raised over $3,800 which was used to purchase IPads for classrooms. The BC Lions Society have donated $2,500 to the school which will be used for IT. More information to come on this for the next meeting, as well as in the newsletter.
  2. School Planning Council and Arts/Technology Project (Lora): The PAC applied for two grants, but were not successful. The PAC did receive $2,500 from the Lion’s Society.  As the target wasn’t reached, the PAC will check with the Lion’s Club and see if the money can be applied to the playground fund. The original project called for two artists-in-residence. Despite not reaching the target the project could be tweaked to work with existing funds, Lora and Natalie to discuss options for later this school year.
  3. IT allocation: The PAC earmarked $5,000 for IT which could applied to the project.  Andrea has asked for the discussion to be table until next meeting where we can see where the PAC is financially.  Thank you to Natalie for her support in putting together the project proposal.
  4. Playground renewal: The wooden playground is over 35 years old and is slated to be removed.  The replacement may cost upwards to $90,000.  There was a suggestion to look at a nature playground which is cheaper than a regular playground. The first playground committee meeting is around October 14 or 15.  Please let Andrea know if you are interested in sitting on the committee.  The PAC will be working with Peppers on the usual fundraising program as well as pumpkin sales.  All the proceeds from the sale of pumpkins in October will go towards Frank Hobbs playground fundraiser.
  5. Community Information – Haro Wood Park Plans: There will be a community meeting Saturday, October 1 at 1:00 pm at Queenswood to talk about Saanich’s plan for Haro Wood.
  6. Classroom Partners: Some divisions are still in need of classroom partners. Please sign up on the sheets outside the classroom or email
  7. Meet the teacher event 29th and 30th September: Andrea asked for help with collecting coffee from Starbucks and also for checking on the welcome table for this event. A big thanks to Nicola Deshaw for her help with designing the welcome boards.
  8. Deadline for ordering Save Around books is October 6th. Books will be delivered to those who have placed orders via students (sent home in backpacks) by the end of October.
  9. Hothouse pizza: A no cheese (ham and pineapple) option is now available to order on the website at using access code FHHL
  10. Learning Commons: The library is undergoing a transformation.  Natalie presented a short talk and video regarding the development of the Learning Common, which is a multi-use space, which includes tech resources, a maker space, and library.  If you have any questions or suggestions please contact Natalie. Community involvement is very much encouraged.
  11. Other events: Pattie Perkins talked about a Children in Nature Conference which is taking place on the mainland on April 18-21 2017. Pattie wondered if anyone would like to join together and attend. Please email if you are interested in knowing about this, and your email will be forwarded to Pattie.
  1. Meeting adjourned: 7:30 pm.

Notes from Frank Hobbs Elementary School PAC meeting (AGM)

Monday May 30, 2016

Frank Hobbs School Library

Attendees: Steve Gidden, Riaz Bassari, Richard McIlmoyle, Caroline Ponsford, Greg Beamish, Helena Hodgins, Natalie McIlmoyle, Robin Cristini, Jamie Emery, Amy Collins-Emery, Ingrid Fawcett, Cammy Coughlin, Lora Carroll, Pattie Perkins, Greg Beamish, Brenda Mercer, Anne Lise Loomer, Joelle Maycock, Susan Hammond, Kellie Horler, Andrea Frost

  1. Welcome

Introductions made around the table.

  1.              Agenda             

No amendments to agenda.

  1.              Review of March meeting
    Meeting notes to be posted on PAC website. Please notify PAC at if there are any amendments, within 5 days of the notes being posted on the website (by June 6th).


  1.              Admin update

4.1            Staff Appreciation Meal

Cammy Coughlin relayed a big thank you for the lovely staff luncheon today.

4.2            Office changes Welcome to Rosa Demchuck who starts at Frank Hobbs on May 31st. Rosa will be with us until the end of June, replacing Kristine Marshall at the school office. Melinda Hurst will be the permanent school admin assistant, commencing August 29th.

4.3            Staff leaving at the end of June Teachers: Cammy Coughlin, Nancy Taylor, Robyn Cristini, Kaylan Vander Shilden and Dani Benton.

CUPE support staff: Melissa Endean, Heather Wiggins, Mackenzie Marten and Susan Goertzen

4.4            September – staff and student numbers

Administration: Ingrid Fawcett (Principal), Karian Brigidear (Vice Principal)

New daytime custodian: Jorge de Melo

Postings are out for a replacement music prep and a librarian

Ingrid Fawcett will be at the school from the end of August, should parents wish to drop in and say ‘Hi” – she’s looking forward to meeting FHs families and starting at the school.

2016-17 enrolment is currently at 288 students. Likely will be 12 divisions with a possibility of 13. Classes are presently quite full. Number of combined classes (with existing numbers) include two 4/5 classes, possibly one K-1 split also. CC explained how the school benefits from having 300+ students, as well as funding from the school district for additional teaching staff, we also benefit from additional gaming grant funding.

4.5            Room changes in September

One of the after school rooms will be moving to Ms Pullans room, with after school care being provided from rooms 8 and 4. Ms Pullan will move into the multi-purpose/ music  room.

4.6            Upcoming dance assemblies

June 7th and 14th

4.7            Technology

Approx $3,000 has been raised from the direct donation parent request in May. Cammy to provide an accurate figure to Andrea, so an update can be posted on the PAC website. Reminder to parents to make cheques out to FRANK HOBBS ELEMENTARY if they wish to have a tax receipt for any I.T donations. The I.T donation box will be at the school office until the end of the school year

4.8            Red Cross

$743.89 has been raised in donations for the Fort McMurray residents who were affected by the recent fire. This has been given to the Red Cross.

4.9            Fun Day

Preparations are underway for the Fun Day in June. Helena Hodgins asked if there were any parents who would consider coordinating this event for next year.


  1.              VCPAC 2015-16 update Nicole Strong was unable to make it to the meeting tonight. Andrea to post her VCPAC update on the VCPAC page of the PAC website – see and click on VCPAC. Andrea gave mention to Nicole Strong for all the VCPAC evening meetings she has attended through this school year.
  2.                IT grant proposals update Lora Carroll gave an overview of the recent “Creative and Connected Kids” grant application that has just been submitted. Technology is a priority with the new curriculum. Recent fundraising will purchase new Ipads (aiming to raise $15,000 by September 2016, with $5,000 coming from 2016-17 PAC allocated funds and $10,000 from direct donations as well as the end of year anticipated surplus). If we are successful with the grant program, we will have a total package worth $56,000 in I.T. for the school, which includes coding workshops and resident artists. We should know this summer if we are successful with the grant application. Updates to be posted on the parent website at


  1.                     Financial update/ forecast for 2015/16
    Greg Beamish talked through the finances from 2015-16, saying we anticipate approx. $37,000 to be in the reserves from 2015-16, after $10,000 has been set aside for I.T. (Ipads).  End of year accounts will be posted on the website. Anticipated savings for playground around $36,000 (Greg B will provide a breakdown, which will detail the additional amount that has been contributed in playground donations for this year. Previous playground money that has been set aside, as at November 2015 was $35,000, but there have been additional donations also received this school year.
  2.                      Requests for additional expenses for 2015/16

Discussion as to cost of bouncy castle and other alternatives for Fun Day. An additional $300 was agreed for Fun Day this year ($600 in PAC budget for Fun Day for June 2016).

  1.                      Budget and events planning for 2016-17

Agreed to maintain teacher classroom funds, increase fun day costs and only do pizza/ hot dog days next school year. By doing just pizza and hot dog days, the PAC will take an additional $3,000 which can be used for transportation and teacher classroom expenses.

Swim club incurred additional expenses this year due to unforeseen costs of a bulk order of swim caps. Membership fees will be increased next year to fund swim caps/ t-shirts/ taxes and a charge for PayPal (payment to be set up via the online system in September).

Andrea to send Greg B a copy of the swim club invoice for 2015-16; the final bill still has to be paid.

A reminder to teachers to submit any expenses for 2015-16 by June 10th 2016 so that all payments can be settled by the end of this school year.


PAC Budget for 2016-17  APPROVED EXPENSE  
REVENUE   Fundraising Expense  
Fundraising Revenue
PAC lunches 12000
PAC lunches (10 X pizza, 8 X hot dog) 23000 Popcorn 400
Popcorn 1200 Booster juice 1500
Booster juice (x 3) 2100 Movie night 0
Movie night – February 0 WinterFest 1200
WinterFest – December 1600 Total fundraising expense 15100
Swim Club (estimating 20 students) 1700 General Expenses  
Tennis 600 Chess 1600
Badminton 300 Swim Club (have caps from 2015/16, t-shirts) – includes taxes and Paypal. Reserve to bank ready for caps in 2017-18 1312
School Supplies (Monks/ online) 200 Garden Time 200
Save Around coupon books (online) 150 Tennis program 1200
Finn and Izzy ($5 for each pair of shoes) 300 Badminton program 600
Peppers (5%) 2500 Transportation (buses) 1340
Cobs (5%) 80 Fine Arts – dance 2500
Madison and Muse (5%) 80 Fine arts – special performances 500
Teacher Classroom Funds                                           ($410 X 13 divs) 5330
Total Fundraising revenue $35,010 School counsellor supplies 150
Special education classroom supplies 400
Other Revenue   French and drama supplies 150
Gaming Funds 5740 Fun day 600
Total Other Revenue 5740 PAC hospitality 80
PAC stationary (e.g. photocopying/ stamps) 43
TOTAL REVENUE $40,750 PAC child Care 80
Grade 5 Year End Activities 1100
Science ($640 + $950) 1590
Teacher appreciation lunch/ retirement 200
Library 200
Photography club 200
Dues (BCCPAC) 75
Online system and PAC website reg 400
PayPal 800
Technology (Ipads) 5000
Total Expenses $40,750


  1.              Parent planning/ support for 2016-17

Andrea to provide information on general meetings for 2016-17 on the parent website. Also to notify Ingrid (new Principal) before an executive (planning) meeting takes place, so that teachers have an opportunity to submit any requests for budget alterations/ additional expenses as required. Items over $250 in variation from the budget can only be approved at a parent meeting (4 a year) and items under $250 can be approved at an executive meeting (which take place approx. 3 or 4 times over a year, as required).

Playground subcommittee to be reestablished in September 2016. Reminder to interested parents to send an email to if you want to be involved in this.

2016-17 Executive

Chair                                                                                                       Andrea Frost

Co-Chair (Website updates and PAC emails)                                  Steve Gidden

Co-Chair (Meeting facilitator)                                                          Richard McIlmoyle

Treasurer                                                                                             Greg Beamish

Classroom Partner Coordinator/ Communications              Caroline Ponsford

SPC rep                                                                                                Lora Carroll

VCPAC rep                                                                                          Nicole Strong

Website technical support                                                             Greg Goforth

Events /Winterfest facilitator                                                        Kellie Horler

Fundraising coordinator                                                                 Anne Lise Loomer

Andrea thanked everyone for their support this year, for such a great turnout and for expressing such support for 2016-17. A special thanks to all the coordinators for signing up and volunteering to help out, and for all the generous donations for I.T this school year.

  1. Meeting close 7.30pm