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Pepper's foods

In order to donate 5% of your grocery bill total to the school, you can buy a gift card from any of the cashiers at Peppers. Cards are capable of handling any denomination, and can be filled by any of the cashiers.

When cards have been used up you can purchase a new one, returning the empty one.  Your school and\or program receives a monthly 5% rebate based on the purchase price of the card i.e., monthly sales of $500 equals a rebate of $25.

There are no restrictions on the use of the cards, they are the equivalent of cash and the receipt printed keeps a running balance of the remainder left on your card. In order for Frank Hobbs to receive credit for your rebate, you must inform the cashier of your school/program at the time of purchase and it will tracked throughout the month.

It is very important for you to inform the cashier that you want to support Frank Hobbs, as Peppers does not have the capability to track the purchases otherwise.  In the summer months, Peppers continue to track purchases, enabling them to present the school with a cheque at the beginning of September for any funds raised in the summer. The cards are also a great way to track your monthly grocery purchases.




Cobs at Shelbourne Plaza will also donate 5% of your sales to the Frank Hobbs PAC if you mention the school as you make your purchase. A great ‘dough raiser’!

Thank you to all our local sponsors for your generosity.